Intonation Ventures

| Investing in products that bring people joy |

Our Philosophy

We see the steady decline in happiness as one of human's biggest challenges.
"According to the latest World Happiness Report, the overall life satisfaction fell by 6% in the US between 2007 and 2018, and the happiness level among adults falls consistently below the higher levels of the 1990s."

Phenomenal products can change that.

We invest in the people, products, and missions that bring fun and power.
We invest at the intersection of physical and digital world.
We cannot wait to venture into the future, together.

Our Investment Approach

Intonation Ventures is a produce-centric fund investing in pre-seed and seed stage consumer tech companies. Along with Borong Capital, our investment arm in Beijing, we strive to bring an international perspective to today's interconnected world.


We are obsessed with products. We are obsessed with the joy and power that great products bring to this world. As early stage investors, we are absolutely product-centric and we learn the most about a team from their products


We invest in the future of fun, interactivity, and well-being:
- Consumer Tech
- Gaming + Interactive Entertainment
- Sports + Fitness + Wellness
- Marketplaces
- Consumer Products + Brands

Early + Global

We back early-stage founders in North America and all stages in China. We are not afraid to be the first to commit, first to wire, and first to help. Oh, as immigrants, we really like founders with international backgrounds. Bring it on!

 North America:
      - Pre-seed to Series A
      - $25k to $250k check size
      - All stages
      - $1m or more (in RMB)

We’re just as excited about your idea as you are!

We can't wait to speak with you, try out the product, brainstorm, and be there every step along the way for you

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