Portfolio Companies

We’re honored to be part of these amazing companies.
We love them and we will always put their needs before ours.

Stadium Live

Stadium Live is a unique digital world for sports & esports fans - create, connect, and play with fans around the world to shape your own stadium


Draw Your Way to Love! Monet Dating is the most fun way to date and to find friends for Gen-Z. Monet is bringing romance back to online dating. Everyone is an artist!


Pipeline is a vertical network for content creators which provides premium educational content and community. As a member, you get access to core curriculum developed by experienced creators and subject matter experts guiding you from just starting all the way to managing and growing your business. There's access to live mentorship from an alumni network, special guests, as well as a thriving and inclusive community that is motivated to support each other.


Sincerely is a teen mental wellness app founded by Zibo Gao and Paul Xu. Users read and write anonymous letters to help each other. The app is launched in Oct 2022 and currently have over 100,000 users.


Boomy enables the masses to make instant music and get paid when people stream, even if you've never made music before. While Instagram sees nearly 100m photos uploaded every day, only around 25,000 songs are uploaded to Spotify every day. Boomy is the key to a future where songs are made casually and consumed more personally, just like photos.


Gamerjibe is an immersive, avatar-based platform where organizers can easily create, share, and monetize engaging 3D virtual event experiences.


Support your favorite creators without breaking the bank. With your Astro Mastercard® Debit Card, it only takes a purchase to support your favorite creators at no upfront cost to you — all while earning unique rewards, like limited edition merch or the chance to be featured with your favorite content creator.


Spark meaningful conversation, in 1 minute or less, with a personalized question from Daily Agapé.

OS Studios

OS is where gaming happens. By combining the power of digital production and physical content lounges, OS is the home for gamers and creators in the era of gaming and esports


OffCourt is an athletic men's personal care brand that creates premium performance products for sweat. Launching in 2021.


With two premium culinary houses in Beijing, IAMS House hosts members-only events and workshops to facilitate cultural exchange


Waycom develops, produces, and sales high-rail vehicle electronic information system as well as subway communication systems, enabling next-gen travel experiences for millions of passengers. Waycom was acquired by China High Speed Railway Technology Co. (SHE:000008) in 2017.


Harmontronics focuses on small-scale precise product automation, providing flexible and efficient solutions. Harmontronics went public on China STAR Innovation Board in July 2019 (SHSE:688022).

SI Tech

SiTech has accumulated over 10 years of experience in smart electricity services and formed a menu-type, full supply chain services capabilities, including intelligence monitoring and maintenance, and smart power test

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